The Hispanic Promise is the first-of-its-kind national, corporate pledge to prepare, hire, promote, retain, celebrate and buy from Hispanics in the workplace.

Launched at the World Economic Forum in 2019, and the result of joint efforts of multiple Hispanic organizations, the Hispanic Promise is a non-legally binding sign of intention — a call to action for business leaders and companies of Corporate America to create a more inclusive work environment for Hispanics.


The Hispanic Promise Framework was developed in consultation with multiple stakeholders (including private sector, nonprofits, and academia) who developed goals, targets, indicators, and resources to provide structured guidance around best practices, benchmarks, and tools to create inclusive environments that support comprehensive Hispanic advancement.

 Because we know every company is different and is starting from a different point, the new framework provides you with samples of activities and outcomes at 3 levels so that you can select the right starting point and continue to evolve. 




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I/We the people of [COMPANY] promise to create inclusive environments within the workplace and to take positive intentional actions to prepare, hire, promote, retain, and celebrate Hispanics as employees, suppliers, consumers, and community.

I/We the people of [COMPANY] aim to create or strengthen employee engagement, mentorship programs, employee or business resource groups, talent development for advancement, executive sponsorship programs, and an inclusive company where employees feel they belong, are valued, and have a voice.

I/We the people of [COMPANY] acknowledge the priorities selected by Hispanic Leaders under the Vision 2020, which include access to education, financial empowerment and improving the image of Hispanics.

As a result, and with a sense of urgency to address the current status, I//We the people of [COMPANY] aim to increase the number of Hispanic employees in my company to better reflect the US population, increase Hispanic representation in all levels and all functions of my company, increase contracts to Hispanic owned and operated diverse suppliers, and improve Hispanic representation in the lead team of our majority (non-diverse) suppliers, and assess the sentiment of Hispanics in my company.

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