During the Hispanic Leadership Summit on December 2020, four goals were selected as top priorities for the Hispanic community: education, jobs, health and gender equality.

This unified agenda (the HSDGs) was developed by the leaders of the Hispanic community to accelerate growth, equity and well-being.

03 – Good Health & Well-Being

In-language Health education focused on prevention.
Increase representation of the Latino healthcare workers.
In-language Mental health support.

04 – Quality Education

Support programs to navigate the education system.
Assure high quality early childhood education.
Increase preparation for STEM and healthcare careers.

05 – Gender Equality

Reduce Latina pay gap by raising awareness and transparency.
Mentorship programs to help Latinas advance.
Change perception campaign highlighting Latina role models.

08 – Decent Work & Economic Growth

Apprenticeship & Internship programs
(Link from school to workforce)
Training programs on soft skills.
(Problem-solving, working in diverse teams)
Unconscious bias & anti-racism training.



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