Cecy Rivera

Cecy Rivera

Social Entrepeneur


Cecy Rivera is a social entrepreneur, visionary, and philosophy at heart. With a deep passion for education reform, Cecy has challenged the paradigm of education through multiple initiatives centered around maximizing the unique potential of each student. She is the founder of Competitive Edge, an organization that teaches world-class professional skills to underserved communities, and the School of Life, an organization that provides students with transformative experiences for character growth and personal development.

What inspires you about the impact of Latino Changemakers that you see all over the US?

What I most admire about Latino leaders is that they have humanized changemakers for me. Rooted in everyday acts of kindness to institutional changes, Latino leaders have given new meaning to the practice. They have shown me that leaders are not extraordinary, they are not superior or incredible, they are human, doing their best to make the lives of others a little better whilst facing the challenges of life themselves. They have established that anyone can be a changemaker, anyone.